Option Trader

OptionTrader and OptionTrader Pro are professional grade options analysis systems originally designed for the open-outcry floor trading communities around the world. Originally introduced in 1995, our analysis methodologies, proprietary option modeling and reporting styles quickly became the industry standards for market makers in the trading pits in Chicago. The hallmark of the OptionTrader software is its ease of use and simple design tailored for the fast paced floor trading environment.

GlobalRisk OptionTrader Pro meets the needs of today’s option traders both on and off the trading floor. Designed for your tablet or PC, real-time portfolio analysis, option theoreticals and Greeks recalculate instantly as the markets move. The option spread functionality lets you aggressively quote spreads on the fly or recall real-time prices for previously saved combinations. OptionTrader Pro features the same superior user interface design traits that made GlobalRisk the favorite software provider in the trading pits and it gives you everything you need to take your option trading to the next level.

Key Product Functionality

  • Analyze equity, index and futures options
  • Volatility calculation
  • Real-time option theoretical price and Greek display
  • Comprehensive risk analysis with price, volatility and time variables
  • Profit and Loss calculation
  • Spread calculation
  • Integration with CTS T4 trading system
  • Networked or standalone installation

System Requirements

  • OptionTrader runs on Windows XP and Windows 7 Pro with XP environment
  • OptionTrader Pro runs on all Windows operating systems
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