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GlobalRisk and Steve Probst at FIA Boca 2024

So far 2024 has proven to be as expected, thankfully. There is quite a lot of news to report, including the major progress that has been made to implement back office system functionality within the GlobalRisk Platform.  As we wrap up Q1 we look forward to beta testing in Q2. We currently support dozens of real-time FIX connections for trade drop copy, market data and detailed order book feeds. If you are in Boca for this event please let us know and we will be happy to see you!

Steve Probst

President & CEO

GlobalRisk is attending the FIA Conference and promoting the latest update to FirmRisk

March 13, 2023, Boca Raton, Florida – What a year it has been since the last FIA Boca! We have been listening to our customers and we have delivered once again! Introducing FirmRI$K(tm) Fixed Income or more simply FirmRI$K(tm) FI. We also have direct integration with cleared swaps exchanges in the US and in the UK for automating and expediting the stress test analysis, including analytics, including duration and how to easily hedge risk exposure to it.

GlobalRisk at FIA Boca 2019

March 12, 2019 Boca Raton, FL-GlobalRisk, the worlds premier market risk analytics company, is attending the annual FIA industry event in Boca Raton to continue promoting our services and to keep our team current with the state of the industry as it happens. We are demonstrating our latest technology and very happy to be showcasing the GlobalRisk Platform, featuring the latest in risk technology including our GlobalRisk SnapShot ™ reports as well as the only live analytics API available providing a global feed of analytics for use not only within our familiar FirmRisk dashboard and also to directly integrate with the internal systems and dashboards of our customers. Steve Probst, our founder and one of the worlds most knowledgeable options and risk technologists will be there to meet and greet with the attendees and continue helping the world to manage an reduce their global risk exposures.

The GlobalRisk Platform API reaches milestone

March 1, 2019 Chicago, IL-GlobalRisk, the worlds premier market risk analytics company, has announced the rollout of the latest version of the GlobalRisk Platform API at several major FCM’s and continues to lead the global risk industry with its state of the art analytics platform. No other risk management system covers more asset types, markets and risk scenarios or is used by as many risk managers. The GlobalRisk Platform is used by the worlds largest banks, exchanges, broker/dealers, FCM’s, trading organizations and regulators for risk surveillance and to monitor and precisely control various risk exposures. This latest API rollout represents yet another major improvement to the transparency of market risk management, developed by the inventors of the GlobalRisk Platform.

Key benefits of this rollout are the availability of the worlds only complete analytical tools that include the GlobalRisk SnapShot(tm) analysis. This unique approach to analytics was invented by our founder and optionatician, Steve Probst, based on his decades of options mathematics experience and insight, including influence from mentors such as Dr. Fred Arditti, Robert Whaley, Dr. John Hull and others. The GlobalRisk SnapShot(tm) analysis is available throughout the day 24/7 and the platform provides complete historical search and scan capabilities-All accessible via high performance APIs and at the precision control of the global risk manager. Outputs and queries are implemented with a very tight integration using the API within corporate the infrastructure and data warehouses to provide seamless analytics that are reliable, accurate and most importantly, actionable analytics that empower the organization to effectively manager their risks and to improve the risk transparency of the organization to enable management to make the best decisions, especially during periods of market movement and volatility.

GlobalRisk Web CORE API Licensed to crypto development startup

GlobalRisk is pleased to announce that we have entered into a licensing agreement with to use our Web CORE API Analytics as a Service (AaaS) platform. is a crypto startup that we are working very closely with in order to provision and deliver our advanced technology to the various crypto ecosystems around the world. has completed a production ready crypto oracle using the Etherium platform and is now developing crypto surveillance and risk technology using our Web CORE API.

2017 Recap

2017 Recap:  It was a very busy 2017 for GlobalRisk!   After a very successful FIA Expo in Chicago in October, we followed up by visiting Spain, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Japan.  We had a very insightful journey visiting the various stock and futures exchanges and made many new connections along the way.  Our Asian expansion is well under way and we look forward to continuing to provide the worlds most reliable and accurate analytics and risk technology available as our global growth continues.

Introducing the GlobalRisk Analytics as a Service (AaaS) Web CORE API

After completing a major web engineering effort, we are very pleased to announce the GlobalRisk Web CORE API.  This new and unique web API completely encompasses our world class, high performance, real-time risk and analytics engine and combines it with our comprehensive data warehouse, including global security master,  into a single highly reliable and trusted source for WebSocket and RESTful interfaces.

Conferences and Exhibitions

Visit GRC at the 2016 FIA Expo – for free!

GlobalRisk invites you to come and visit us in Booth #1015 at the FIA Futures & Options Expo trade show on October 19th and 20th. Just follow the link below to register for a complimentary Exhibits Only pass. This pass will allow you to visit the show floor compliments of GlobalRisk Corporation.

Find out about our latest OTC product coverage and the new GRC Margin Engine.

Hope to see you there!